Best Mini Oven – Buyer’s Guide

Whilst the mini oven does not seem to be as popular in the UK as they are in the US and other countries, they’re a handy appliance to have in any kitchen. They’re a great space saver for any kitchen, as they’re like a hybrid between a microwave and a regular oven. Many of the best mini ovens have hobs on the top for sauce pans, so if you are really struggling for space, you may not even need a regular oven.

Several of the mini oven reviews that I’ve seen online do not really cover the fundamentals of what you should look for when you’re buying a new mini oven. In our list, I will compare the difference in wattage, color and other aspects of the mini oven.

I hope to give you a better idea of what is available on the market so that you can get the best mini oven for your needs. Remember, a mini oven is for life, not just for Christmas. Okay, that’s not true. But if you follow my advice, I’ll help you find one that won’t break the first time that you use it.

Best Mini Oven

BrandWattageSizeValue for Money
Andrew James 33 Litre1300w33 Litres10/10
Tower Mini Oven1500w23 Litres9/10
VonShelf Mini Oven1600w30 Litres6/10
Russell Hobbs Mini Kitchen1600w30 Litres8/10
Igenix Mini Oven1600w45 Litres7/10
Oypla1500w26 Litres6/10

Andrew James Mini Oven 33 Litre



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Andrew James have quickly become one of the most reliable kitchenware suppliers over the past decade. They are actually a relatively young company, having only been around since 2005. They were founded by two cousins named.. you guessed it, Andrew and James.

They’ve won multiple awards for their reliable kitchenware and solid warranty, and this mini oven is certainly one of their best. It is one of the best selling mini ovens that is available; but does this make it the best mini oven?

Well, it certainly seems that it might be one of the best mini ovens that you can buy right now. If you’re looking to feed a whole family, then this might well be ideal. The 33 Litre capacity is fantastic for cooking for a whole family. It is enough space to fit a whole chicken as well as your vegetables and roasties (a small chicken, but still a chicken!).

It’s a great, compact mini oven and could even serve as a full time replacement for a regular oven if necessary due to the two hotplates. It also comes with a two year manufacturers warranty for your piece of mind.


1) At 33 litres, it’s pretty much the perfect size for a mini oven.

2) With the double hob that you get, you could even use this mini oven as your primary cooking method.

3) You can control the hot plates completely independently from each other, which means you don’t need to waste heat.


1) It comes with a wire rack and to be honest, it’s extremely flimsy. You might need to invest in a new wire rack at some point.

Andrew James is one of the most reliable names in the UK. It’s my go-to brand, and this mini oven is an example of one of their best products.
Conor says , Full Time Chef


Tower Mini Oven

tower-mini-ovenCheck Price


If you are looking for something that is compact and won’t take up too much space in your kitchen, then this may be the best mini oven for you. Due to it’s small design and light weight, it’s actually smaller than some microwaves. It also comes with a three year warranty, which is longer than most warranties you will find for a mini oven.

It’s smaller than some microwaves, but still comes with a baking tray and a handy wire rack. These added accessories are fantastic additions if you are an avid or occasional baker. Though it might take longer for your cakes to bake than in a regular oven, this compact mini oven will still get the job done. And in spite of the small size, it’s actually still rather spacious for a little mini oven.

The wire rack also comes in handy if you want to put two different dishes in at the same time; pizza and chips anyone?

EDIT: This mini oven is actually now available in three different sizes; 23 litre, 28 litre and 42 litre. Whilst the other sizes are a good option, I would stick with the 23 litre option as I think it is available at a bargain price.


1) It’s perfect for those looking for a mini oven that’s slightly smaller than normal.

2) It comes with several baking and wire trays, which saves you from paying out on more.

3) It has a super long 3 year guarantee with it, which is fantastic if you’re worried about your mini oven breaking down.


1) For most people, a 23 litre mini oven might be a little bit too small. This isn’t the case for everyone, however.

If you need a compact mini oven to fit into your kitchen, then this 23 litre Tower mini oven could be a perfect fit.
Conor says , Full Time Chef


Vonshelf Mini Oven


vonshelf-mini-ovenCheck Price

Vonshef are another brand that have become one of the dominant forces in the kitchenware market. You can find them in many major supermarkets along with the home brand appliances, such as Sainsburys and Tesco. There’s a good reason for this; they make reliable kitchen appliances as a reasonable price.

This particular model has a sort of retro feel to its design. It is small and compact, so it will fit into any kitchen quite comfortably. it’s 30 litre capacity is more than enough for any household, whether it be for a family or for an individual.

The real value with this mini oven is in its simplicity. Its functions are extremely easy to use, which can be an advantage. Many mini ovens and kitchenware add unnecessary features that you will never use. This mini oven has three functions, a temperature dial and a bell that goes off when your food is cooked. Simple.


1) It’s a good, medium sized mini oven that is big enough for the whole family.

2) I actually quite like the stylish, retro design. It’s deliberately minimalist, which is good.

3) It’s definitely budget friendly; you won’t find many better mini ovens at a lower price than this one.


1) I don’t usually moan about instructions, but these ones are not very good and offer little instructions. You can find out more about the mini oven by visiting the direct website.

If you like retro designs, then this is a good option from Vonshelf, though it doesn’t have the quality of some other mini ovens.
Conor says , Full Time Chef


Russell Hobbs Mini Kitchen



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Probably the most luxurious mini oven in our list, this is certainly one of the most attractive mini ovens that we’ve ever seen. It is completed with a nice black metal finish along the top and bottom of the mini oven, as well as a semi-transparent mirrored door. This gives the mini oven a more professional feel than if it were completely transparent, whilst you can still easily see what you are cooking. But being the most attractive mini oven doesn’t necessarily make it the best mini oven, does it?

As well as being insanely attractive, it’s actually also super practical. Being a 30 litre mini oven, it’s big enough to actually be used as a small primary oven. If you don’t need a primary oven and are looking to save on space, this mini oven would be a great choice due to its size and 1600 watt power. It also comes with a handy baking tray and grilling rack.

Founded up in little Oldham back in 1952, Russell Hobbs have become one of the biggest brands in the kitchenware market. Born out of disagreements with bigger companies at the time, they went on to give us the automatic coffee percolator and of course, their speciality, the automatic kettle


1) It’s got numerous functions, which make it perfect as a multi use mini oven.

2) It comes with baking tray and a wire tray, which are always handy to have.

3) Like every other Russell Hobbs product, you’re guaranteed to get a solid warranty.


1) It has no internal light, which is super frustrating if you’re wanting to look and see what’s cooking. This could be a dealbreaker for some people.

It’s one of the more attractive mini ovens that I’ve seen, and has numerous functions. It’s a thumbs up from me.
Conor says , Full Time Chef


Igenix Mini Oven and Grill



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Also available in a 26 Litre capacity, I’ve included the Igenix in our list due to its huge 45 Litre capacity. There really isn’t any mini oven around that can match the Igenix in terms of capacity. So, if you’re looking for a mini oven suitable for a really large family, this could be the best option for you. Its large capacity also makes it suitable as a complete alternative to a regular oven.

Although it doesn’t have the same sleek design as the Russell Hobbs mini cooker, the Igenix is certainly not ugly. Its plain white and extremely plain, meaning it will suit most color schemes and blend in with the rest of your kitchenware.

The oven and hotplates can be used simultaneously with the Igenix too, which is a great added feature. Some of the other mini ovens will not be able to do this, as it uses too much energy. This is not a problem for the Igenix’s massive 1600 watt power though. You would think that due to its high wattage and big capacity that it might not be energy efficient. This is not the case, as it has been specifically designed to be as energy efficient as possible. This makes it a great choice for any eco friendly individuals.


1) In terms of sheer size, this 45 litre beast is a great size to fit larger jugs and casserole dishes.

2) You can use the oven and the hotplate simultaneously, which is handy and sometimes not featured with other mini ovens.

3) The quality enamel baking tray is also a nice addition.


1) It’s not the simplest mini oven to work; in fact, it can be a bit of a nightmare to get it working properly.

If you’re living in a smaller apartment, then this would be a top option for you to use as your sole cooking purpose.
Conor says , Full Time Chef


Oypla Kitchen Mate



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Oypla are probably the least known brand on our list; this doesn’t mean you should write them off, however. This pretty snazzy mini oven is one of the cheaper options in our list, making it a good option for the budget conscious individual.

For the price, you are getting a high powered mini oven that offers lots of great settings. Although saying this, the dials on the side make it extremely simple and easy to use. It has 4 different heating elements, and you will be surprised that such a small mini oven is capable of grilling, roasting and even baking. As it’s one of the more compact mini ovens available, this means that it’s perfect for students and studio flats.

Be careful though, as with most mini ovens, it does tend to get super hot. Also, the hobs on top of the mini oven are slightly less effective when the oven is in use as well. This isn’t too much of an issue, however.


1) The design is really environmentally friendly as it’s specifically designed to retain heat.

2) It’s available at a pretty awesome price.

3) The power indicator will always let you know when your food is done.


1) It’s slightly slow to start, which might be an issue for some people if you need your food cooked quickly.

You might not have heard of Oypla, but if you want a cheap mini oven of decent quality, this could be the mini oven for you.
Conor says , Full Time Chef


What to consider before purchase


Unlike some other aspects of your kitchen, like a regular oven, mini ovens do not deviate too much in price. This means that you can usually have your pick of the bunch and decide what mini oven you would like without taking cost into consideration. It is worth buying a mini oven brand new, as a secondhand mini oven will tend to have some issues. Plus, nothing beats having new stuff in your kitchen to use.


Deciding what litre you need your mini oven to be is probably the biggest take you will have. The majority of people will not need more than a 23 litre mini oven, which is the smallest mini oven in our list. If you plan to use your mini oven often, or in place of a regular oven, then it is probably worth investing in a larger mini oven. Apart from a slight waste of energy and taking up more space, there aren’t any other negatives in purchasing a larger mini oven.


The wattage of your oven will in all honestly, not matter too much. It is more important to know the wattage if you are changing from using a different mini oven. This is because your food will cook at a different pace in a 1500 watt mini oven than a 1300 watt mini oven. If this is your first purchase of a mini oven, don’t worry too much about what watt it is. They generally range anywhere between 1200-1700 watts.


Most mini ovens follow a simple color scheme so that they are suitable for any kitchen. A black or silver mini oven will look good on almost any color work surface. You should definitely take the color of your mini oven into consideration as it will be one of the larger appliances in your kitchen.


My Favorite - Andrew James 33 Litre

Now, this wasn’t an easy choice. But, the Andrew James mini oven is, in my opinion, the best mini oven that you can buy. And here’s why.


It’s a reasonable price. Although it isn’t the cheapest mini oven, it is worth the little bit extra that you’ll expect to pay for a decent quality mini oven. With two independently controlled hotplates of 700w and 1000w, you can do pretty much anything with this mini oven. They are made from ceramic, so you can be sure that they are of a decent quality. The 700w hotplate is fantastic for heating up soup and letting things simmer, whilst the larger 1000w hotplate is fantastic for frying breakfast in the morning.

It’s extremely quick to heat up, which is great for when you’re in a rush and do not have time to waste waiting for your oven to heat up. This means that it could eliminate your need for a microwave completely, which would then save even more space in your kitchen. The 33 Litre capacity is a fantastic medium size; slightly larger than the smaller 25 litre mini oven, but also not as big as the 40+ litre mini ovens that you will find. 33 Litres will definitely be more than enough for most families and it will fit onto your worktop with your kettle and your toaster pretty easily.

The main reason that I think this is probably the best mini oven around is the ability to multi use it for almost anything. You really won’t need a conventional oven with this, as it’s as good for baking cakes as it is for cooking a casserole in the evening. That makes the Andrew James mini oven and grill, in my eyes, the very best mini oven.


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