Best Pots and Pans Set – Buyer’s Guide 2018


If you’re looking for a brief rundown on what the best pots and pans available right now are, then this article is for you. We’ve done our research, and we’ve marked down the most important criteria you need to think about when buying your pots and pans.

Do you need an 11 piece set? Or more than that? All pots and pans sets come with different accessories, so it’s worth having a look through and seeing exactly what you need. The ones we’ve listed below are our unbiased opinion of some of the best, and they range in what is included in each set. Some include 8 quart stock pots, while others include measuring spoons and egg cookers. It really is your own individual choice.

So, lets have a look at our list of some of the best pots and pans you can buy for your money.

The Options

ModelPiecesMaterialValue for Money
T-fal Ultimate17Aluminium10/10
Cusinart Chef's Classic11Metal9/10
Rachael Ray Cucina Hard Porcelain 12Porcelain6/10
Chef's Classic w/ Extras17Metal7/10
Gotham Steel Set10Aluminium5/10
Paula Deen Set15Aluminium8/10
Rachael Ray Enamel15Enamel7/10
Cooks Standard Cookware Set10Steel/Aluminium8/10

Best Pots and Pans Set to buy in 2017

Tfal Ultimate


Pieces: 17

Color: Gun Metal

Material: Aluminium

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

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T-Fal, or Tefal if you’re anywhere but North America, has a unique design that has been around for over 60 years now. There’s no difference between Tefal and T-Fal, only that Tefal originated in France and when they were imported to the USA, the word Tefal was avoided as it was too close to Teflon.

Of course, T-Fal is made of both Teflon and Aluminium. TEF-lon and AL-uminium. Clever, right? This combination makes for an ultra non stick surface that has been popular since its invention. T-Fal cookware is probably the most popular and consistent brand available today, and this set of the best pots and pans is certainly no different.

It comes with 17 generous pieces. For some, you might think is a bit too much and indeed this set could almost suffice two kitchen. Included are a wide variety of frying pans, three different sized saucepans and a great steamer with two side handles that makes for easy handling. Aside from the regular stuff, you also get a big 5 quart dutch oven and a ‘one egg wonder’ pan. Though you might never think you’d use the one egg wonder, it’s actually super handy to have. You will likely use it more than you think.

This is probably the most complete set from T-Fal, which is made with their signature aluminium material and Thermo-Spot technology. The Thermo-Spot is literally a red spot in the centre of the pan that will indicate if the pan you’re using is properly heated. This is a solid set of pots and pans for any household.

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless Set


Pieces: 11

Color: Metal

Material: Stainless Steel

Dishwasher Safe: No

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This set of pots and pans from Cuisinart is a good choice if you’re looking for a pretty solid cookware set. They come in the classic stainless steel look which is great, because it can suit any kitchen or color scheme.

They are made with a good mix of stainless steel and aluminium. The base of the pots and pans is a mix of steel and aluminium, which makes for a quick cooking time and great heat distribution. The handles are also stainless steel, which help them to stay nice and cool.

Aside from the regular pots and pans, you actually also get a nice 8 quart stock pot with this Cuisinart set. An 8 quart stock pot on it’s own can cost quite a bit, so this is a great addition to this set that could make it the best pots and pans set on our list.

You have to be pretty careful with this set and understand how it’s designed. Once you understand that, it will be easy to use. By using stainless steel, it enabled the heat to flow through the pots and pans very easily. This means that your food may heat up quicker than you may be used to. It also means that you probably won’t need to use as higher temperature as you would have to with purely aluminium pots and pans.

We think this is a good thing, though. Once you adjust to the pots and pans, they will likely save you cooking time; and who doesn’t want that?

Rachael Ray Cucina Hard Porcelain 


Pieces: 12

Color: Agave Blue & more

Material: Hard porcelain

Dishwasher Safe: No

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The Rachael Ray brand is known for it’s pretty stylish look, but it’s also made for practicality and easy of use. This particular set comes with a nice, polished porcelain exterior though the actually build of the set is aluminium. This makes it really for the heat to distribute evenly throughout the pans. This makes for a nice, even cook and minimizes the likelihood that you will burn anything.

What could makes the the best pots and pans set is the range of saucepans that you actually get. With two different sized skillets and two sizes of saucepan, there’s plenty of variety within the set. Note both the saucepans are covered, which makes them ideal for.. well, pretty much anything! The set also comes with a stockpot and a saute pan, which again are both covered. Along with this is a variety of other accessories that are sure to come in handy.

Although our favorite color option is the Agave Blue, it’s also available in four different colors. Pumpkin Orange, Mushroom Brown, Cranberry Red and a quite subtle Lavender color. Though all the colors are nice, we prefer the Agave Blue due to it’s nice rustic feel.

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Stainless Set with Extras


Pieces: 17

Color: Metal

Material: Stainless steel

Dishwasher Safe: No

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Yes, this is exactly the same as the set above but bare with us. For not a great deal extra, you get another 6 pieces which will most definitely be a useful addition to some kitchens and might make it better than some of the other pots and pans sets.

You don’t get anything amazing and super innovative, but you do get some different sized pots that you might find useful. If you’re like me, sometimes I know exactly what sized pot that I want. But, I don’t like using a massive pot for too smaller quantity of food. It frustrates me and gives the food an uneven distribution of heat. That’s why this set might be more suited to you if you’re often in the kitchen.

And like I said, if you’re in the kitchen every evening, you get quite a bit more for not a lot extra – including a great two handle pot that you don’t get in the 11 piece set.

Gotham Steel Nonstick Pan and Cookware Set


Pieces: 10

Color: Black/Orange

Material: Aluminium

Dishwasher Safe: No

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Gotham Steel is a relatively new brand if you compare it with the rest of the other cookware makers that we have listed. This isn’t to say it doesn’t match their popularity. They’ve risen to be one of the most popular brands around, specifically for their Gotham Steel Non Stick Frying Pan. But what of the rest of the pots and pans?

This set is made specifically to be significantly lighter than any pots and pans you’ve already used. This is likely true for the frying pans, which are actually quite a bit lighter than other frying pans of a similar size. The set includes mainly pots and pans, but a nice extra is the 5 quart aluminium steamer that is great for keeping things healthy at home. If you have a steamer, you will start using it!

The set is designed to be ‘ultra non stick’. This is definitely the case; this doesn’t mean you can’t use oil or something to grease the pan! If you don’t, it will stick just like any other set of pots and pans.

Again, similar to the Cuisinart set above, this set does tend to transfer more heat that what you may already be used to. You will probably find that you cook things on a medium heat when you may have used high in the past. You’ll still get the same results, just faster!

Paula Deen Signature Nonstick Porcelain Cookware Set


Pieces: 15

Color: Various

Material: Aluminium

Dishwasher Safe: No

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Like most of Paula Deen’s range of cookware, this set of pots and pans comes with a nice, Southern rustic feel. It has the same teflon non stick interior as the T-Fal brand, so you are assured the interior is good quality and will distribute evenly.

Although you can get this set in a completely plain red variant, we love the variety of colors that are available. They come in ‘speckled’; Oatmeal Speckle and Butter Speckle, pictured, are our favorites. The exterior is designed to be long lasting,so you don’t have to worry about destroying the pretty colors.

This is the only set that comes with a small set of measuring spoons. We would say that this is a bit sneaky and you couldn’t call it a 15 piece set, but at this price, it’s hard to find anything better than this Paula Deen pots and pans cookware set.

Rachael Ray 14 Piece Hard Enamel Nonstick Cookware Set, Marine Blue


Pieces: 14

Color: Blue

Material: Aluminium

Dishwasher Safe: No

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As an alternative to the other Rachael Ray Porcelain Set above, this set has a nice enamel exterior that makes it more visually appealing. With this nice enamel finish, it would surely be an ideal addition to any kitchen.

Aside from the usual sauce pans and cooking pots, it includes the ‘Oven Lovin’r Crispy Pan’. This is actually a really handy addition. It is non stick, which makes it ideal for baking cookies or roasting without having to spending ages scrubbing the pan. The colorful silicone handle grips are also great for taking the tray out without having the worry of it slipping out of your hands.

This set of pots and pans are definitely not suited to the dishwasher. If you do use the dishwasher, then the beautiful marine blue color of the pans will fade over time. If you’re looking for something to whack in the dishwasher, there are better pots and pans sets that you can pick.

Cooks Standard Clad Cookware Set


Pieces: 10

Color: Metal

Material: Stainless Steel/Aluminium

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

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The Cook Standard Cookware set could well be the best set of pots and pans that we have listed today. If you like a quality product that doesn’t bother too much with appearance and is more focussed on actually getting your food cooked, then maybe this might be the set of pots and pans for you.

These are no doubt some of the highest quality pots and pans that you can buy. They’re also the only set that we’ve listed that are suitable for induction cooking. Although you might not use an induction cooker now, you may do in the future so it’s always handy to cover all bases.

The set comes with your regular covered saucepans and sauté pan, as well as a pretty huge 8 quart stock pot that is more than big enough for any family. It also comes with a handy steamer insert that will actually work in either of the two sized sauce pans. This is handy, as it reduces the amount of space that is taken up in your kitchen.

The air flow technology handle is also quite good, as it enables the handle to stay relatively cool at all times as the heat goes straight through instead of the handle conducting heat making it unable to touch. This is one of the only pots and pans that we’ve featured that is dishwasher safe, as most pots and pans actually aren’t safe for your dishwasher. Although we don’t usually use a dishwasher, it’s nice to have the option.

So… Which set of pots and pans is the best?

Before you decide on which set of pots and pans you want to buy, there are a few things that you might want to consider. These are:

  • Brand: Usually, the best pots and pans sets are made by known brands that you will likely have heard of. This is not only because they will be of a higher quality, but usually they will provide a decent warranty. You should always check the warranty before buying your cookware. All of the brands that we’ve listed are pretty well known.
  • Pieces: What do you need in your kitchen? It’s worth taking some time and looking through your kitchen and seeing what you’ve already got. Or, over the space of an average week, write down the cookware that you use. This is a good tip, as you can then concentrate on buying a set of pots and pans that includes your most used cookware.
  • Color: Now, for us, color and appearance should always come second to quality. Luckily with the internet, you can always scroll through Amazon and see if they have the set of pots and pans you like in a different color. A good tip: a silver set will look good in any kitchen.
  • Material: Most of the best pots and pans will be made of aluminium, as it’s a good metal that allows heat to flow through. Some of the pots and pans in our list are aluminium and steel, for optimal heat flow.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Momma always said not to use a dishwasher (at least mine did!). Pots and pans are easy enough to clean by hand. But, if you’re in a rush like most of us, this isn’t always possible. It might just be worth buying a set that you can use in a dishwasher anyway; why not?

Our Pick – T-fal Ultimate Hard Adonized Cookware Set


T-fal are one of the most popular brands in the world for a reason. The reason we prefer this set is that with T-fal, you know exactly what you are getting. It is understated, so it will look good in pretty much any kitchen.

This set is also dishwasher safe, though we don’t personally advise this as it will probably have an affect on the coating after a period of time. This set is so easy to wash that you don’t really have to worry about putting it in the dishwasher!

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