Best Sat Nav Under 100 – Buyer’s Guide 2018


Are you looking for a new sat nav? Well, there are some really decent options around at the most. You’re on a budget, too? Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve listed the best sat nav under 100 that you can find right now; we’ve got not just one option, but five for you to consider.

They don’t vary too much in appearance, but they do vary quite a bit in price and indeed in their quality. Whilst most people choose to stick to brands they are familiar with, the current market of car electronics is becoming flooded with new brands who are providing a similar product at a fraction of the cost. Still a bit dubious that you’d get a good quality product? We don’t blame you. We’ll run through the specifications of all the sat navs listed with you, so you can really see if you’re getting anything extra for your money.

So, we’ll start with a table comparison of each sat nav, and then further down the page we’ll go into a more depth look at each of the individual sat nav reviews! Let’s have a look!

Best Sat Nav

ModelDisplay SizeFeaturesPriceRating
TomTom Go6 inchesMicro SD$$9
Garmin 57LMT5 inchesMicro SD$$$8
Garmin 60LM6.1 inchesMicro SD$$$7
Shenen7 inchesMicro SD$6
PilotOn7 inchesMicro SD$7

TomTom Go



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Display size: 6 inch
Memory Card: Micro SD slot
Features: Street names clearly spoken, TomTom IQ, Parking assist
Price Scale: 7/10

TomTom is probably the most famous name in the satellite navigation system around. It has almost become synonymous with sat nav due to a campaign in 2004 for the TomTom Go. Back then, the TomTom Go was fetching just under £500 per system; crazy, huh?! Thankfully, the technological world has advanced an TomTom have had to reduce their prices dramatically, making them more affordable to everyone.

This particular model is possibly the most popular that they have ever produced, probably because it does pretty much everything that you could ask it to. It has free lifetime map updates from TomTom, which is fantastic as it shows confidence in their product and reduces the likelihood that you’ll need to invest in a new sat nav anytime soon. This model has been commended for its ease of use, making it extremely simple to get from A to B.

Like most sat navs, it will inform you of speed camera and will also give you lane guidance, which means that it will inform you which lane to be in well in advance. This might not sound like much, but try using a sat nav that doesn’t have lane guidance tell you you’re in the wrong lane after you’ve missed the junction!

One of the things that separates this dash cam from the others is the convenience and flexibility it has on it’s mount, which is fully adjustable. That makes it super easy to turn the sat nav around to your co pilot if necessary, although we prefer to do the driving ourselves! If you’re sticking under a budget of £100,you can purchase this sat nav with the full UK and Ireland maps. for a little extra, you can get the full EU maps included, which could be worth the extra money if you drive abroad often. In the United States, you get lifetime updates which is fantastic.

Either way, we love this sat nav and feel that there aren’t many that can compete with it in terms of quality and price.


  • Map share community
  • Adjustable sat nav mount
  • Reputable brand


  • More expensive than others
  • Instructions aren’t clear at all (Google is your friend!).

Garmin Nuvi 57LM


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Display size: 5 inch
Memory Card: Micro SD
Features: Up ahead feature, Lifetime Map updates for the UK & Ireland
Price Scale: $$$
Rating: 8

Garmin, along with TomTom, are at the forefront of reputable brands within the car electronics industry. Unlike their Dutch competitors, they actually originate in the United States, which isn’t particularly common for many electrical companies nowadays. Garmin are certainly the go to brand for sat navs in America, and their influence has spread throughout the rest of the world. TomTom are likely more popular in Europe, due to their Dutch roots.

This particular model has many great features, including lifetime map updates from Garmin, which is actually a great bonus. Some companies will charge you £10-15 to update your maps, but as with most Garmin products, you don’t have to worry about that with this sat nav. It also has a great ‘Up Ahead’ feature, which will show you any tasty upcoming restaurants or places that are worth visiting.

With all the necessary functions that any sat nav needs, like speed cam alert, bluetooth compatibility and it’s easy linked to your smartphone. There aren’t too many sat navs around this price that offer the same thing that the Garmin 57LM does.


  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Up ahead feature is handy
  • Solid warranty


    • No instructions included (have to go online)
    • Maps aren’t as good in small towns as larger cities

Garmin 60LM


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Display: 5 inch
Memory Card: Micro SD
Features: Birds Eye View feature, PhotoReal
Price Scale: $$$
Rating: 7

The second Garmin product to make our list is definitely a worthwhile contender for the best sat nav under 100 quid, for a few reasons. Whilst you might be thinking it’s exactly the same as the 57LM, there are a few subtle difference that might actually makes this sat nav the better option for you.

Firstly, this one is available in both a 5 inch model and a 4.3 inch model. This makes it ideal for those who are looking for a smaller sat nav for their vehicle. The 60LM is a more simple model that is easy to use, but the Bluetooth on the 57LM is most certainly of a better quality. It enables you to use this sat nav easily for hands free calling and link up with your smartphone easier. The 60LM also offers bluetooth set up, it isn’t as smooth as it is with the 57LM.

Whilst there are always comparisons between all of Garmin’s sat nav models, it’s always important to remember that generally, you’ll get what you pay for in terms of quality. You could increase the budget and purchase a better Garmin sat nav,  but we think that the 57LM is about the best cost to quality ratio that you’ll get from a Garmin product. Have a quick look at this video for some features of the 57LM;


  • Clear display
  • Great design – looks and feels sleek
  • Birds Eye View at junctions is handy


  • It doesn’t display everything on one screen – you have to navigate
  • Routing sometimes goes of course (like most sat navs!)




Check Price

Display size: 7 inch
Memory Card: Up to 32gb Micro SD
Ports: E book reader, audio player.
Price Scale: 3/10
Rating: 6

Whilst the likelihood is that you won’t have heard of Shenen, we decided to include this brand as it runs at less than half the price of some of the more known brands. Is it half as good? Well, no, not quite.

In all honesty, it doesn’t match TomTom and Garmin in several areas, if you’re truly on a budget then this sat nav would not be a bad option. The main thing that it lacks that the other sat navs have is bluetooth, so take that into consideration when you’re thinking of purchasing this dash cam. It also doesn’t have the crisp display that you’ll only really find with TomTom, which has a higher resolution screen and is really second to none in terms of display.

But, we don’t want to just highlight what this sat nav doesn’t have. It has many decent features that are part of the sat nav, including lots of inbuilt features that make it more than just a sat nav. It’s actually a multi use system, that you can also use as an E book reader, an audio player.. heck, you can even play games on this machine. Don’t sleep on this Hieha sat nav if you’re looking for probably the cheapest sat nav around right now.


  • Multi function use
  • Pretty solid all-rounder
  • 7 inch screen for those looking for something larger
  • Cheap as chips


  • No bluetooth
  • Display isn’t amazing quality
  • In fact, the whole thing isn’t amazing quality; but at this price, do you care?



Check Price

Display size: 7 inches
Memory Card: Micro SD
Features: Best route calculation, Multiple vehicle support
Price Scale: $
Rating: 6/10

Very similar to the Shenen sat nav, this one is also available at a fraction of the price of the more expensive sat navs on the market right now. It has no bluetooth function, but it does have a multitude of other features, including a speed warning feature, smart route planning and maps is available in both 2D and 3D. Doesn’t sound like a cheapy option, right?

Whilst we’re not going to pretend like this sat nav is anywhere near the quality of the Garmin and TomTom sat navs, it doesn’t have some of the same features that put it at a similar level. PilotOn even offer a 2 year warranty with this product, which does help to show some confidence in the product and ensures you that it wont break after a couple of weeks.

One of the better features of this sat nav is that it comes with the whole of the UK and EU maps free for a lifetime, which is a great benefit of using this sat nav system as opposed to a company that charge a yearly fee for updates. You could do a lot worse than investing in this sat nav system.


    • Budget friendly
    • Has all (most of) the features that you might need
    • Supports FM function; easy to play radio


  • Feels cheap
  • No bluetooth
  • Not great quality

What to consider before purchasing a Sat Nav

Before investing the the best sat nav under 100 quid, there are a few things that you’ll have to take into consideration. Each individual will need certain specifications for their sat nav, which will vary for different people. The things that you ought to consider are;


Whilst there isn’t too much difference in size between most satellite navigation systems, there’s certainly a difference between investing in a 7 inch screen as compared to a 4.3 inch screen. If you’re near sighted or the person you’re purchasing the sat nav for is, them it’s almost certainly a better idea to try and get a sat nav with a screen of 5 inches of above. Even with your glasses on, a bigger screen will help. Of course, you can check the resolution, too.


This should possibly be one of your most considered thoughts when buying a new sat nav. Whilst we’ve all heard of established brands like TomTom and Garmin, there are those that are anxious about investing some lesser known brands. For the most part, the lesser known brands use a similar, if not the same, technology as the more reputable and established brands. So, in reality you are really paying more for the peace of mind that if your sat nav breaks, Garmin will help you out as part of their warranty. Does this warrant the extra cash? That decision is yours.


If you need more than the standard 8gb memory, then this is worth considering. Although most sat navs nowadays will include the option to use a memory card, this is by no means a guarantee. And, some systems will only permit a maximum of a 32gb memory card used with the sat nav. Bear that in mind.


Hopefully, you won’t have to worry abut the price of your sat nav too much. But, for most of us, keeping within a certain budget will certainly be an issue. That’s why we’ve listed all of these sat nav systems under 100 quid, but a couple of them are even below 50. If you’re looking to save money right now, you might have to go for a lesser known brand; just make sure you check the warranty.

Why you need a Sat Nav

It’s convenient

The main reason that you should consider getting a sat nav is that it increases the convenience when you’re trying to get from A to B. Although you can predetermine your destination and research the directions online before you leave on your journey, there isn’t anything that can match the convenience of a sat nav.

Safety First

If you’re looking to get to another destination, many people think that using their iPhone or a mobile will be sufficient in directing them. This in itself is dangerous, as mobile phones have been linked with a massive spike in fatalities over previous years. If being the cause of a fatality isn’t enough, in 2016 the sentencing structure in the UK changed, with deaths caused by using a mobile phone having a minimum of 14 years imprisonment. We totally agree with this, especially as with hands-free technology you can easily avoid the need for using your phone. Of course, by investing in a sat nav you are also reducing the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving.

No Speeding Tickets

Most decent sat nav systems will have a notification for when you are approaching a speeding ticket, which will help you to avoid those dreaded tickets and points. With the point system changing recently, don’t be surprised if things get even stricter in years to come.

Avoiding Traffic Jams

If you haven’t used a sat nav before, then this is probably the features that you will appreciate the most. With a sat nav, you can easily foresee any accidents on the road, directing you in a more efficient route. This wont just save you time, but it’ll also save you fuel. With fuel prices increasing, this will become even more valuable.

Our Pick – TomTom Go

Although the other sat navs would be a perfectly good option, we feel the TomTom is the best all-rounder that is fantastic in all areas. Where some of the other systems are lacking in terms of maps, or reliability, this sat nav has got it all.

One of the main benefits of going with the TomTom brand is being part of the map share community. This community is actually fairly active when compared to other similar features, and works by people with TomToms reporting an incidents or changes to the road. This can certainly prove advantageous if you’re worried about getting caught up in delays, and you’re often using the motorway.

Available at a pretty reasonable price for a TomTom, this is certainly our pick, and one you should consider if you’re looking for the best sat nav under 100 quid.

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