Best Computer Speakers Under 50 Bucks | Buyer's Guide

With any great computer, you need to make to make sure that you have the audio quality to match. But after splashing out on a new computer, it's safe to say that not everyone has the spare cash laying around to invest into their audio set up. The solution? Well, there are plenty of cheap speakers out there that will do a good job making your computer sound great. Even if you're [...]

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Best Center Channel Speaker - Buyer's Guide 2018

Are you in the market for a sound system? Well, you'll want to ensure that you're getting the best that you budget can allow. The Center Channel Speaker is the focal point of your surround system. It's important that you get the best center channel speaker you can afford, as it will carry the majority of the power in your setup. Of course, you might opt to only have one spea [...]

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Best In Wall Subwoofer - Buyer's Guide

To complete any full speaker set up, it's usually recommended to get yourself a top quality subwoofer. The best in wall subwoofer will usually deal with any frequencies between 20 Hz and 200 Hz, and although you don't need a subwoofer, it does add a great deal of quality to your sound system set up. In order to get the best subwoofer for your needs, you should consider the [...]

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Best In Ceiling Speakers - Buyer's Guide 2018

In ceiling speakers can be the difference between a good sound system, and a great one. In order to get the best in ceiling speakers for you, there are a few different things you should take into consideration. Whilst I do like a traditional set of speakers, there is something attractive about having your speakers subtly placed throughout the ceiling and walls of your house. [...]

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Best In Wall Speakers - Buyer's Guide 2018

Finding the best in wall speakers for your needs isn't easy; there's an abundance of different models out there to choose from. Wall speakers are specifically designed for those that hate having a big set of bulky speakers in their lounge or bedroom. There's nothing worse, right? The majority of home speakers aren't just bulky, they're pretty unattractive and are usually bla [...]

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Best Soundbar Under 100 Dollars - Buyer's Guide 2018

Getting the best soundbar under 100 dollars isn't easy, and it can be difficult to know where to start. In the last couple of years, soundbars have become increasingly popular. This is probably due to the fact that televisions are becoming more advanced and streamlined, leaving them incapable of producing a great quality of sound. If you like listening to loud music and watc [...]

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Car Stuff

Best Trailer Wheel Bearing Grease

Finding the best trailer wheel bearing grease is much easier than you think. Although there’s an abundance of products out there on the market, there are a few that stand out from the competition. There isn’t a great deal of difference between some of the options in the list, but you’ll want to find the best grease for you. Keeping your wheel bearings greased is partic [...]

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Best Dash Cam - Buyer's Guide 2018

So, you’re looking for a new dash cam? Well, look no further. Whether you’re an expert or you know literally nothing about what is the best dash cam for you, we’re here to help. Our brief reviews try not to go in to too much depth, so have a breeze through them and hopefully we can help you find the best dash cam for you! Check our table below for a view of the 8 das [...]

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Best Sat Nav - Buyer's Guide 2018

Are you looking for a new sat nav? Well, there are some really decent options around at the most. You’re on a budget, too? Well, we’ve got you covered. We’ve listed the best sat navs around that you can find right now; we’ve got not just one option, but five for you to consider. They don’t vary too much in appearance, but they do vary quite a bit in price and indee [...]

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Useful Cables

Best Aux Cable - Buyer's Guide 2018 (3.5mm)

Ah, the AUX cable. The unsung hero of any sound system. There's undoubtedly a point in any man or woman's life where they come across a broken or lost AUX and need a replacement. Well, fear no longer - it's easier than ever to get yourself a replacement. Unless you're going wireless, an aux cable is an essential part to many different types of audio equipment. Whether it's y [...]

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